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Expresso Cafe: Let's Talk!
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Welcome to the Expresso Cafe, the Place for Conversation!

This is a convivial spot devoted to building community and nurturing conversations among the alumni, faculty, students, staff and friends of Alliant International University, as well as of the universities from which it descended. It's a place for the whole Alliant family.

You're welcome to make yourself at home here and do pretty much the same thing you'd do in a coffee house:
  • There's a bulletin board where post news of publications and events
  • You will find groups of people to talk to here, and the chats work just like they do on Facebook - please create a profile, then link up to ask questions, offer advice and start conversations
  • Grab a magazine and make yourself at home with some virtual coffee or tea
  • Bring your articles and ideas to share in various forms - you can post a PDF, start a blog, add a link to a blog or mirror a blog
  • We encourage cross-fertilization and cross-posting with other Alliant-affiliated social networks, and other organizations involved in the professions we serve
  • If you have ideas on how to make the Cafe even more welcoming, send a note to: [email protected]
There aren't too many rules here, but it's a social gathering, so do be a good guest:
  • Feel free to disagree, but do so collegially, respecting others
  • Don't flame, put anyone down or indulge in name-calling
  • Challenge ideas, not people
  • Don't commit libel or plagiarism (if you quote something, please cite the source)
  • Don't use this website for political organizing (Alliant International University is a nonprofit and that could threaten our tax-exempt status)
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